Motorcycle lifts Made In The USA Since 1989

About Us

Dear future customers,

Pitbull Motorcycle Lifts started out as a brilliant idea from a Tennessee Harley Davidson enthusiast many years ago and soon went from a garage invention to a successful family owned manufacturing company. The family built the business over the years and successfully established a product reputation second to none. In January of 2016 the family offered to sell the company to a local businessman who is a life long motorcycle enthusiast and Pitbull MC Lift owner.  

We are often asked the question: are you the same product as the original? Well the answer is YES ABSOLUTELY AND WITHOUT HESITATION, WE ARE THE ORIGINAL  PITBULL MOTORCYCLE LIFT and have been for almost three decades. We have been in the motorcycle industry for over 30 years and our PITBULL MOTORCYCLE LIFTS have been in production since 1989. We are one of, if not, the oldest USA manufactured motorcycle lifts in the country. Our company has grown so much that in July 2007, a new 7,000 square foot manufacturing facility was built located in the beautiful state of TN. 

We are fully aware of recent attempts to imitate or somewhat duplicate our design, but we are confident in the integrity and proven stability of our original and now for 2016 our NEW AND IMPROVED PITBULL MOTORCYCLE LIFTS. We are more than proud to say that our product has been, and still is, manufactured in THE USA.  We promise to stand behind our product 100% and to be available for any questions or support that our current or potential customers may have or need.  

We urge all of our potential customers to be sure that they do the research and check the manufacturing history behind any other products that may be on the market today.  Do they offer the same warranty and customer service availability?

Yes, We're The Best & here's why!

The ground up: First of all, our castors are far superior over any other lift maker due to the material and construction of the overall castor housing. We use castor wheels that are basically made from the same material bowling balls are manufactured from. This and the diameter size of the castor allows you to roll the unit loaded or unloaded over rough surfaces such as asphalt and cracked concrete or the smoothest of floors. The internals of our castors are made up of a zerk fitted axle, a steel sleeve over the axle and a needle bearing over the sleeve. This gives your castor wheels constant lubrication and the best of operation at all times. Also, the swivel castors have a zerk fitting for the roller bearings in the swivel portion of the castor. Now, if you compare them to our competitors, you'll find that their castors are not only smaller in diameter, they use no grease fittings and are constructed of lightweight material.  You will also notice that they are made from inferior types of material such as: Steel (which will not roll across any rough surfaces without extreme force-dangerous when moving your bike), Plastic (which will chip up with use and generally comes completely apart and breaks) and Neoprene type materials (which are soft and will cut, tear and come apart with use).

Frame strength and construction: Our frame is 100% MIG welded by professional welders, unlike most of our competitors. We use an eight-piece frame which is made up from four outside pieces of tubular steel and four pieces of angle iron which run through the center of the lift. This in turn gives you the strength and stability that you expect from a motorcycle lift. From the frame we have the "H" beams that act as the arms that run from the frame body to the actual lift platform that your bike is setting on. We use tubular steel with a cross brace for these two items and four pieces of angle iron that attach to the top of the "H's" for the lift platform. Some of our competitors like to advertise that their tubular steel "H's" are of larger diameter steel and this is true. However, if you will take a closer look at how the lift platforms are attached, you will see that they use a piece of flat plate with the end butt-welded to a round sleeve, which if tested, would not by any means be stronger than my over all set-up. The truth of the matter is, your lift is only as strong as your weakest link. Pit Bull Lifts raise your bike to a full 25 inches and have a weight capacity of 1450 lbs. It is so stable and strong that for normal maintenance and clean up you will not need to tie most motorcycles down. Before we move on to the next step, I would like for you to understand that most lifts on the market today use a frame made up of as little as four pieces of steel to establish the frame. This is why they lack the strength and stability to safely lift the weight of a motorcycle.

Finishing touches: We feel the need to give our customers safety features, ease of operation and, the means to tie their bikes down to the lift so they aren't limited to just cleaning or regular maintenance. There are tie down points on the lift frame so you have the convenience of strapping your motorcycle securely to the lift. We also place three safety stops, one on each side of the lifting "H's" so that if anything happened to cause your hydraulic jack to leak, you would not have to worry about your bike going to the floor. We also weld steel bushings inside the tubing in every location a bolt goes through (some, lift companies advertise this but, you better look before you buy). Pitbull also uses zerk fittings in every moving part on the lift (unlike any of our competitors). This insures the maintenance, operability, and over all protection from moisture to the internal moving parts.
NOTE:  Pitbull uses non-skid \ solvent resistant rubber on top of our lift platform which aids in the stability of the unit. This helps to keep your bike from sliding around and it also acts as a protective barrier between your frame and the platform steel eliminating scratches to the bottom of your frame. All of our units are Powder Coated by professionals in house. This is a great benefit by providing a durable surface that not only looks good but will last. Last, but not least, we include a steel easy pull handle that attaches to the frame of the lift to make it more convenient to move your unit with or without a bike on it.

Lets talk hydraulics: Pit Bull Motorcycle Lifts uses hydraulic jacks on their lifts. On the manual foot operated unit, we use a eight ton hydraulic jack. Now, you probably ask yourself, why do I need a eight ton jack to lift a motorcycle that might range from 700 to 1000 lbs?  Well the reasons are simple:  lets start with the jack that is used on the manual foot operated unit. We use the 8 ton not only for the added strength, but also because you are only picking up a small fraction of it's capacity and this cuts down on mechanical maintenance.  This also allows less pressure being placed on the seals. We use a eight ton jack on our air lift solely for the reason of smooth operation. Most of our competitors use a four-ton hydraulic jack and some even use smaller ones. This is really not a problem (with the four-ton units) with regards to the lifting capabilities, but you may have to replace the seals and do maintenance on your jack sooner than you would care to.

Adapters: We have been able to study a number of motorcycle frames and design adapters to use with our lift in order to safely lift that motorcycle that may not have a nice flat frame with no interference. We firmly believe in lifting any and all bikes by their frame. This reduces any possibilities of damage to you or your bike. Our adapters can be bought in bulk for a reduced price or bought individually.

Overview: Now that we have discussed most of the facts and specifics, you see now why Pit Bull is the best lift on the market.  This is the reason why you should choose the Pit Bull to be the lift that is going to meet all your needs. Yes, there are a lot of cheaper lifts you can buy, but it only takes that one single time to lose your bike off something less stable than ours and you could have bought several of our lifts for what it would cost you in repairs to your bike.  We take pride in our lifts!  If you have seen us at a show, you already know we have our strongest competitors lifts on display.  We show you why the Pitbull is superior to any of them.
We build all our lifts right here in Tennessee, yes in the USA. Remember when thinking about purchasing a lift, you should always think safety, strength, and reliability instead of the few dollars you will save by getting something of less quality. You and your bike are far more important than money (good work is not cheap and cheap work is not good).